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OSHA Provides Resources for Employers of Hispanic Workers

Bookmark the following sites for easy access to reference material and other resources for training and communicating safety information to Hispanic workers.

atlasOSHA assists employers with a Spanish-speaking workforce to learn more about employer and employee workplace rights and responsibilities, identify Spanish-language outreach resources, detail how employers can work cooperatively with OSHA, and provide a list of persons whom they can contact for additional information.

By following the OSHA guides (links below), employers will be able to identify OSHA Spanish-language resources on OSHA’s website that will help them comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 as well as help them to prevent employee workplace injuries and illnesses.

For more information, please see the OSHA English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionaries (with phonetic pronunciation guides) that contain over 400 general OSHA and construction safety and health industry terms.

Additionally, the OSHA Directory, which is a collection of national, regional, state plan and on-site consultation contact information incorporated within the Hispanic Outreach Module, may also be a valuable reference resource after completing the above steps.

For help interpreting OSHA regulations, or for on-site or classroom-based safety training for your bilingual or Spanish-speaking workers, contact the experts at JB Safety & Rescue Services!

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